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We work as a team to create satisfied customers by meeting their changing and growing needs for precision metal parts. Our customers depend on us for consistent manufacturing, quality work, exceptional service and fair pricing. We treat our vendors as valued partners, and we invest in our people and technology to create a solid future.

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We help our customers realize their dreams. By going the extra mile, whatever is needed. From the wary entrepreneur walking in our door to a world-wide conglomerate. We never know who will change the world. We do know we have the chance of changing their world.

Although we have a long history we are always pushing to stay at the top and lead the industry. Recently switching to a paperless shop to better serve our customers with near real-time information on all jobs, with the latest and greatest information readily available, reduction in non value-added activities all reducing cost, lead-time and quality issues.

Every decision we make is based on how it helps to better serve our customer. Buyken invests in the latest equipment, technology and training so we can stay at the forefront of all aspects of metal parts manufacturing.

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Materials of the trade Specializing In Excellence

To maximize manufacturing economies, Buyken’s staff of professional engineers works with our customer’s designers to refine their concepts with a practical, cost-oriented approach with key construction materials.

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Serving Industries Specializing In Excellence

Since 1939, Buyken Metal Products has become a leader in precision sheet metal forming, stamping and fabrication by focusing on individual customer needs. As a result, the company has developed the strength in diversity to cost-effectively manufacture many types of products to a variety of industries.

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