Careers @ Buyken

Career Vision:

To be the best and to remain there we believe that you need to take care of your employees and ensure they have the skills to be challenged and grow.  Our long average tenure speaks to this.

At Buyken we are continually looking to grow our team. 

If you have metal fabrication skills or a desire to work in a company that has been in business since 1938 yet looking to continually lead in the industry drop us a line.  Below are areas in which we need more assistance currently.  This can and will adjust to the unique skillset that the right candidate offers.  We don’t believe in the traditional job descriptions.  Attitude and ambition is imperative everything else can be trained.

Current Needs:

Outside Sales: Someone to be our external advocate to work with and help foster relationships with our current and future customers.

Fabricator(s): All aspects of metal fabrication can be found at Buyken.  As our business grows we are always looking for people with fabrication skills or those with the desire.  We offer on-site and off-site accredited training in the trade.

If what you see resonates gives us a call, 253-852-0634 or drop us an email @ info@buyken.com to introduce yourself and we will go from there.

Benefits offered (one of the best in the industry):

  • 100% of medical, dental, vision and life expenses are covered (how many companies can say that?)
  • 401k retirement benefits with company match on top of:
  • Safe-harbor investment (we put money into your retirement even if you don’t!)
  • Tuition reimbursement program.