Employee profile:

BUY_MarkD_Laser_0490_WEBSince Mark DeLaurenti owns the company, it seems fitting to start with him for our first employee profile. Mark has worked for Buyken for 37 years. I asked him about the highlight of his tenure. His response was ‘buying Fab-Tech and Mechanical Products’. Taking the position of removing some competitors was a strategic and effective move that allowed us to increase our customer base.

Looking toward the future and growth, his vision is to continually upgrade machinery and employ the latest technological advances in metal fabrication. This vision will help Buyken remain competitive and proficient so we offer the best service to our customers.

Mark, and Buyken, have participated in the Children’s Ride for the last 11 years. This event benefits Children’s Hospital in Seattle. This year, their 18th year, Buyken is a Title Sponsor.