Buyken Workflow

Buyken provides design for manufacturability feedback to assists clients to improve their drawings and designs.  This feedback includes, but is not limited to, tolerances, material types, finish, types of manufacturing technologies best suited to make the part.

Pricing Guarantee
Buyken guarantees material and finish pricing for a quarter at a time on repeat items. We also hold labor costs annually on large volume items (50,000 pcs). Labor costs are reviewed annually.

At Buyken:

  • We have produced orders as large as 2 million parts or orders as small as one part.
  • We continually work on ways to shorten lead time.
  • We are very nimble and can produce the same part on multiple machines, and we work in multiple shifts.
  • We have full time schedulers who continually address the machine loads to meet delivery commitments.
  • We pride ourself on continually upgrading equipment to maintain speed and quality.
  • We do what it takes to get customer orders out the door, accurately and on-time.
  • We maintain a raw stock inventory so most jobs can start immediately.

Inventory Control

Buyken will do vendor-managed inventory (we manage), Kan-ban inventory, pull inventory (customer pull parts from Buyken’s stock, Buyken makes and holds parts for inventory so there is always a part to pull). We also can stock parts for customers. Buyken maintains raw stock inventory to facilitate customer-stocked parts.

Buyken maintains a fleet of delivery vehicles and delivers parts along the I-5 corridor from the Oregon to Canadian borders. We will freight parts as required, prepaid, collect or 3rd party billing.

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